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Walker Percy, Bourbon, and the Holy Ghost

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He spent over a year in South Africa, travelling and collecting plants. The Christian answer to the dilemma of how to be lies in the concept of grace and vocation. From the reaches of Maine, with all its great ship timbers, to Boston, New York, the Chesapeake and Charleston, His Majesty's Fleet had nowhere to retire for rest and repair, in between various spats with the French and now the new "Americans.

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Until it became a major Royal Navy base there were no roads and only a few inhabitants. Contra the usual idea of them being marked only by voting behavior, we described them as very different tribes with totally different cultures. One thing was sure. Bourbon, Neat By: Walker Percy. Posted: November 28, This article appeared in: Vol.

II, Number 1 - Fall This is not written by a connoisseur of bourbon. Ninety-nine percent of bourbon drinkers know more about bourbon than I do. It is about the aesthetic of bourbon drinking in general and in particular of knocking it back neat. Good food, craft beer and bourbon, live music, and a great time talking about books and Southern culture under the live oaks: That's what the fifth annual Walker Percy Weekend has to offer when it returns to celebrate the acclaimed novelist's life and work, June 1—3 in St.

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Read an Excerpt. American Sketches ; INTRODUCTION My So-called Writing Life. On the Bogue Falaya with Walker Percy, photographed by Jill Krementz. I was once asked to contribute an essay to the Washington Post for a page called “The Writing Life.” This caused me some consternation.

Walker Percy was a great, cosmopolitan southern novelist and essayist who died in Born in Alabama, he lived much of his life in Covington, a town near New Orleans.

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Bourbon by Walker Percy