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An essay on the natural vegetation and wildlife of kerala

Make sure you use only as much paper as is required. Growth of forests depends upon a number of geographical and human factors such as, temperature, rainfall, soil, and altitude, effect of slope, sunlight and afforestation. The use of these resources is encouraged over the non-renewable resources as the latter do not replenish and are fast depleting.

Industrial wastes effluents should be treated to prevent chemical and thermal pollution of fresh water. It is home to over species of animals and species of plants and has four identified hot spots. Ploughing at right angles to the slope allows the furrows to trap water and check soil erosion by rain water.

India also has the two richest bio-diversity areas, one in the north east and other in the Western Ghats.

Forests are a renewable resource and contribute substantially to economic development. However, it needs to be understood that nature has given us abundance of all that we require. Use Newer Agricultural Methods The government must teach methods such as mixed cropping, crop rotation and appropriate use of pesticides, insecticides, manures, bio fertilizers and organic fertilizers to the farmers.


Kerala boasts of species of birds, some of which are captivating in their beauty like the White cheeked barbet, the Malabar Trogon, Rufous Treepie, Black Naped Orioleetc. The distribution of forests in India is very uneven.

All these gifts of nature make our planet a place worth living. These come from living beings and organic material like plants and animals.

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We require using the available natural resources wisely and must employ the below mentioned methods to conserve these: Celebrations of all functions, festivals should precede with tree-plantation. These include water, air, sunlight, land, forests, minerals, plants as well as animals.

Out of these, trees dominate. India is also at meeting zone of three major bio-geographic realms, namely the Indo-Malayan the richest in world the Eurasian and the Afro tropical.

Man uses wood for his shelter. They are both hard wood and soft wood trees. Maintenance of soil fertility: Tree roots conserve soils. Plants provide fodder for animals, firewood, timber, medicines, honey, wax, gum and food for us.

The distribution of forests in India is very uneven. This category also includes fossil fuels as they are obtained from decayed organic matter. There are two basic strategies for conservation of biodiversity: Allen and Sharp define forests, "A community of trees and associated organisms covering a considerable area; utilizing air, water and minerals to attain maturity and to reproduce itself; and capable of furnishing mankind with indispensable products and services.

The rest of the country has mainly three major vegetation regions, namely tropical wet-evergreen and semi-evergreen forests, the tropical deciduous, and the thorn forests.

Conservation of Nature Essay 5 words Conservation of nature is basically the conservation of all those resources that nature has gifted to the mankind. Tribals have berries, nuts, fruits etc. The fear of violating religion and age old traditions have kept people away from these groves, allowing them to flourish.

The fertility can be maintained by adding manure and fertilizers regularly as well as by rotation of crop. Essay on conservation of natural vegetation and wildlife. Radio movie review essay franz kafka the trial essays kernkompetenz beispiel essay geraden im koordinatensystem beispiel essay andrew carnegie biography essay, dermatoheliosis descriptive essay.

Vegetation or natural vegetation supports critical functions in the biosphere, at all possible spatial scales. First, vegetation regulates the flow of numerous biogeochemical cycles, most critically those of water, carbon, and nitrogen; it is also of great importance in local and global energy balances.

conservation Essays | See the List of Sample Papers For Free - Bla Bla Writing. In order to learn more about the conservation of natural resources, a field trip was held on 30th October, bear, butterflies, crustaceans, fish, moths, aquatic and land vegetation which forms a part of a habitat.

Domesticating wild plant and animal. Nov 30,  · An essay on the natural vegetation and wildlife of kerala Kerala is the land of the gods, mesmerizing in its beauty, enviable in its culture.

This land is blessed with a wide and amazing variety of natural vegetation and wildlife,the epitome of. Conservation remains the main concern whereby proper management of natural resources entails avoiding destruction, its misuse decay, and waste. Some of the important natural resources like land, water, mineral, vegetation, wildlife and the beautiful natural sceneries are all essential to humans in different ways.

Soil and Natural Vegetation Essay When traveling to the high arctic in the Canadian Tundra you can compare the sight of vegetation to traveling to the peaks of the highest mountain range in .

Conservation of natural vegetation essay
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