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Hilton, Matt author of the Joe Hunter series. Huber, Linda author of 'The Paradise Trees'. Plot summary[ edit ] The book relates the tale of Charlotte Temple, who is enticed by a dashing soldier, John Montraville, to run away with him, but after they cross to America, he abandons her.

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Charlotte Temple Summary & Study Guide

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Montraville buys Charlotte a house outside of New York, and gives her an income and a servant.

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Henderson, Lauren author of the Sam Jones novels. "Charlotte Temple" is a sentimental, moralistic 18th century novel by Susanna Rowson, an English-born author who lived much of her life in the United States.

According to Cathy N.

Charlotte Temple by Susanna Rowson

Read more Published on July 1, /5(15). This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion and a Free Quiz on Charlotte Temple by Susanna Rowson. Charlotte Temple is an 18th-century moralistic lesson to young girls, showing how an innocent schoolgirl is deceived into a life of misery and remorse in America.

13e. Revolutionary Changes and Limitations: Women

Charlotte Temple: A Tale of Truth is a novel by Susanna Rowson. The novel begins with an unexpected meeting between British Lieutenant Montraville and Charlotte Temple, a tall, beautiful girl of fifteen.

About a year ago I put an end to my indiscriminate reading habits. I resolved to read, at least for the time being, only American novels. But I quickly understood that, even within that limited scope, I could be almost as indiscriminate as before.

Charlotte Temple is a novel by British-American author Susanna Rowson, originally published in England in under the title Charlotte, A Tale of Truth.

It tells the story of a schoolgirl, Charlotte Temple, who is seduced by a British officer and brought to America, where she is abandoned, pregnant, sick and in poverty.

Essay on Charlotte Temple - Ideas of Love Words | 6 Pages. Charlotte Temple - Ideas of Love In the 18th century, when Charlotte Temple was written, society’s ideas about women, love, and obligations were extremely different from views held in .

Charlotte temple by susanna rowson essay
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